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  Our dream is for people to one day look at a picture of a special moment in their life like your wedding and get the same feeling as the day it was taken.  A photo can make you remember a day, a feeling, and remember a smile. 

My Story

Wheat glowing in golden hour with our photographer.

 -Carlton Reimer-

Photography isn't and will never be work for me. After realizing that I could capture beauty that others didn't see, I was hooked. The joy of showing others the beauty they don't see in themselves has always inspired me to keep on developing my talent. 


Sharing Stories

Portrait in Golden Hour

 Everyone has their own story, and every story is unique and worth remembering and sharing. We use Photography to tell people's story so they can cherish them.  You can't put a price on memories. 

 White Willow Photography is a company based around satisfying costumers by producing

photos that exceed expectations. Satisfaction brought with fair prices, quality photos, and good service. Contact us to get the journey started! 

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