Photo shoot length?

Hourly photo shoots are most common. I do only for the hour because most of the time I can get all the photos the client wants in the hour. If not I don't mind at all to stay longer just to insure the best out come. My goal with each photo shoot is to properly capture exactly what the client has in mind. 


Many times a client has the perfect location in mind that will fit the style of photo they want, of course this will work for our photographer. If the client has no idea where they want the photo shoot to be than we have many beautiful places in Winnipeg that our photographer loves to shoot at!

What are some steps to book a photo shoot?

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How many photos do I get?

Generally we do not have a set amount of photos for each, for hourly photo shoots 200-400 photos will be taken and 10-50 will be provided to the client. Getting the photos the client wants is always the main priority!

How will the photos be provided?

Digital copies will be provided to the client for download.  If prints or a photo book  is requested an additional cost will be added to the price.

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What's Expected


What's a contract for?

A contract is to provide the client with safety and to insure that the client gets the photos and that payment is sent to the photographer. 

Note: A contract must be provided before the shoot, If a printed contract is provided then two copies will need to be filled out, one for the photographer and one for the client. 

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